Our company applicsign ag was founded on April 5, 2016 in Zürich / Switzerland by several business partners with extensive experiences. You can count on over 60 years of knowledge and experience of project management within the Industrial engineering and construction industry. Our company focus is on retrofits and refurbishments of cleaning systems on industrial combustions / exhaust turbine systems, deconstruction of nuclear power plants, and maintenance of other general industrial equipment.


Our core competence

The core competence of applicsign ag includes the possibility to offer an innovative and complete problem solution for a defined requirement. This includes development, design, engineering, manufacturing and support to local businesses in the execution.
Applicsign ag develops and manufactures systems and assemblies for the handling of liquids and gases which are characterized by a compact design, a modular design and optimum accessibility for maintenance and service work.


Our services

For our "service for the dismantling of nuclear power plants" applicsign ag produces specially developed products in close cooperation with respective operators according to demand and requirements. We operate our own products such as the water treatment and decontamination module under our name as a service in the nuclear power plant dismantling.


The main goal is to find the most effective manufacturing and solution methods for your requirements together with the customer, coupled with the required quality in the best possible process time.


Applicsign ag concentrates on high value added activities and works with a network of specialized and reliable suppliers and partners. An integrated quality assurance system (ISO 9001) also supports the role of applicsign ag as a system partner.

Production capacity from 2018


Production area:          400 m2

Welding area:               3 pcs

Assembly area:             > 5

Crane capacity:            15 t

EN ISO 9001:2015


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