Mobile water treatment unit for the treatment of heavy metals


L-W-H: 6000 x 2500 x 2600 mm

Weight: 7000 kg



- Filtration: 2x 100%

- Main filtration: hybrid compound membrane


Technical datas:

Pump performance: 30 m3/h

Max. inlet pressure: 2 - 5 bar

Max. outlet pressure: 10 bar

Max. water temperature: 40° C

Min. water temperature: 5° C


Short description Type GW-HM30


applicsign's mobile groundwater treatment unit provides dedicated pre-filtration in combination with the hybrid compound membrane for highly efficient filtration of heavy metals and all in an ISO standard container. The units are designed to produce water at flow rates of up to 30 m3 / h per hour in single-pass operation. For a seamless operation even during maintenance work and filter changes, the processes are completely 2x 100% equipped. Our system is monitored by differential measurement systems with optical displays with saturation of the filter systems. This version can be rented or operated by us. For stationary long-term water treatment, our systems can be ordered according to customer-specific requirements.


If you would like a customized offer, please feel free to contact us.


Advantage of our ISO container module

- Modular design for combination of various processes according to purity requirements

- Simple construction "Plug and Play"

- No further pretreatment of the raw water is necessary except for mechanical filtration

- Suitable for high heavy metal contents

- Final conditioning

- 90 % to 99.7% deposition rate of heavy metals per step (*)

- Energy-efficient, cost-effective and environmentally compatible

- Cost planning / Forecast


(*) Average deposition rates depend on the influence TDS (total dissolved solids), ionic composition and maintenance.


Applications expandable to separate

- Nitrates

- Surfactants


Field of application for a special treatment

- Mines

- Coal plants / Heavy industry

- National institutions / Waste management companies

- Waste water with an heavy metal content


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